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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robert Kennedy: Why Am I Here?

When asked by the 60s television show host David Frost what people are put on earth for, Robert Kennedy replied, “If you’ve made some contribution to someone else, to improve their life, and make their life a little more livable, a little more happy, I think that’s what you should be doing.”

How did our bloggers respond to a similar question?

Over the past nine months, readers participated in a poll: What are you put on this earth for? Here is how they responded . . .

Only 8% think our mission here is self-centered. They believe that first and foremost we are to foster a personal relationship with God that is expressed in personal prosperity and blessings.

However, a whopping 90% believe our mission is first and foremost to foster a personal relationship with God that is expressed in self-giving service to others.

About 2% of readers were unsure about our purpose in the world and responded with, “Neither [choice], because I don't know.”

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