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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saints & Valentines

Last Saturday was an early delivery of handmade Valentine's Day cards to the homeless. Youth from Santa Paula's our Lady of Guadalupe Church got together and made 200 cards, all with personalized messages, candy and designs. One card was crafted like a boat. It said, "With God you can sail away." Flipping the boat to the other side it said, "Happy Valentines Day."

All-in-all, the day came together because of a lot of saints! Noah's Bagels donated 100s of fresh bagels, Sunkist gave 100s of fresh oranges, the children of St. Sebastian's School donated 100s of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and many of the "Servants" donated water and cookie snacks. When the delivery was complete, dozens of homeless women and men could be seen around town sitting on curbs, happily reading and rereading their Valentines Day cards.
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Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! I am having school children doing cards for hosptials with the theme of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary . . . Their art is so very very good! Pat H.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pat for writing. It is always nice to hear from you!