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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan Helps Launch a New Poll

Ronald Reagan was known for both his sense of humor and his straight-forward, no-nonsense jibes. They are often called “reaganisms.” "I hope you're all Republicans," he said, speaking to surgeons as he entered the operating room following a 1981 assassination attempt. If he did not know the answer, like some, he was compelled to make them up. He once remarked, "Trees cause more pollution than automobiles." And along the same lines, "All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk."

The homeless did not escape his sometimes odd observations. He once remarked, "What we have found in this country, and maybe we're more aware of it now, is one problem that we've had, even in the best of times, and that is the people who are sleeping on the grates, the homeless who are homeless, you might say, by choice."

Today, a new poll is launched. How do you perceive the homeless? For instance, some would say, "don't help the homeless," because it is believed they are there primarily by choice. Yet others do wish to help the homeless, believing they are there primarily because of complex societal and personal factors. Please scroll down to near the bottom of this main page and take part in this and all the polls. Your vote counts. Thank you for your participation!

And lastly, a parting bit of wit from President Reagan that never made it to broadcast . . . "My fellow Americans. I'm pleased to announce that I've signed legislation outlawing the Soviet Union. We begin bombing in five minutes." - joking during a mike check before a weekly Saturday radio broadcast.
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