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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What are we seeing? Is it time for an eye checkup?

By Father Bro
It is said that at the end of the nineteenth century Saint John Bosco had to spend a short time in Paris. He went to the rectory of a large church, in the center of Paris. Seeing this Italian priest, who was perhaps of poor appearance and no doubt with hesitant French, the parish priest gave him a room in the attic, on the sixth floor. Several years later, the priest was questioned in Rome about John Bosco during the canonization process [for sainthood]. He made this naïve as well as awesome remark: “Well, of course, if we had known he was a saint, we wouldn’t have put him on the sixth floor!”

In this regard, we need only read once again Chapter 25 of Saint Matthew, which contains the great scene of the last judgment of men and nations. “Lord when did we see you hungry . . . or thirsty . . . or a stranger? Amen I say to you, as long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brethren, you did it for me.” “Well, of course, if we had known he was a saint . . .” It was Christ himself . . .
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newguy40 said...

I love the anecdote and added it to my "quote" note book. Thx-

I have had conversations with my younger son that either strart out with him asking, "How could people NOT recognize him as the Messiah after all he did...?" to "If he looked like everyone else, why would people know to treat him as the Messiah....?"

I don't know how to answer him so he will better understand that we often don't know ANYTHING about the people we interact with and see on the streets. We must try to see Christ in everyone no matter the circumstances and how difficult it may be. I don't do to good of a job with that all the time myself. Often, missing opportunities that God has presented to me (and, when I have previsouly asked him to GIVE me those opportunities).

Anonymous said...

A "quote" notebook, thank you for the inspiration and idea!