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Friday, July 20, 2012

“Be Human not God”

By Sister Ruth Burrows

It is very difficult for us humans to accept our basic condition of poverty and yet it presses upon us from all sides.  We cannot control our world; we are at the mercy of others and of what often seems a blind fate.  Even our own selves escape us.  We are not what we would like to be: inadequacies of all kinds dog us.  We are prey to physical and psychological ills.  We long to be masters of our lives, in control, strong and beautiful.  In a word, gods.  The Gospel message is good news to the poor.  “Be human, not God.”  This poverty, revolting as it is to our nature, is blessed when it is accepted because it opens us up to God and makes us realize our need for a Savior.  Aware that we can never find fulfillment in ourselves, we are drawn to look to him alone.  It is to little ones, those who accept to be thus poor, that the secrets of God are revealed.
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