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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Homeless but not Hopeless

In May of last year, Chicago area residents woke up to an unusual homeless news story.  In fact, many were caught off guard and unprepared for its simple message.  Some even wept.

It’s the story of a homeless man named Curtis Jackson (photo) who raised over $9000 to help a “down-on-her-luck” banker.

At one time, everything was going right for a woman known as “Sandy”.

She had a good job at a bank in the suburbs.

She and her 10-year-old son had a home.

But then the world came crashing down around the 39-year-old. She lost her job. She lost her house. And she and her son moved into her truck. When the police found her, the Department of Children Services threatened to take away her son if she didn’t find a safe place to stay.

She moved into a hotel with the help of a social worker who paid for a few nights stay with her own money.

There’s so much to learn from Jackson's story:

·        Never underestimate the good of humanity – even from those we often cast out to the margins.

·        Maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to judge the “homeless” person with a sign.

·        The best way to love our neighbor is to serve our neighbor.

·        Sow kindness and generosity.

·        We’re all going to go through our own down and out moments.

Jackson said he’s a man of faith; homeless, but not hopeless, and he’s got some words of wisdom for the people he sees bustling about by every day.

“I have God. I’m one of the richest men on this earth, ’cause I have God,” he said. “Money is not my master. That’s what’s wrong with this world: money is its master.”
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