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Monday, July 2, 2012

Bourgeois in America

About a year ago, Homeless In America bloggers and readers began to respond to a poll that was posted at the bottom of this main page to assess their opinions about the Christian church in America today.  In the Protestant sector, since the time of James Henley and his debate with Charles Hodge in about 1860, there has been discussion and research showing that church attendance correlates with income and “familistic and bourgeois values.”  There has been further thought over the years that many, especially suburban churches might even be inhospitable to working-class, minorities and poor folks. There may be a lot of truth here in this debate, but is it really new news?  After all, divisions between rich and poor in the church go back at least to the church at Corinth and of course the Letter of James greatly deals with the issue too.  Bottom line, the bourgeois bulge appears to be ancient and well documented and now somewhat substantiated by HIA readers and bloggers.

Homeless In America asked the following question daily since July of 2011:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, lead the grassroots Christian resistance against Nazism. He believed the mainstream church had become bourgeois - ineffective in standing up to Hitler. In your opinion, where are we as a church in America now, grassroots or bourgeois?

Here is how everyone responded:

Grassroots - 0%
Bourgeois - 82%
None of the above - 17%

Thank you for participating in this and all the polls.  Please scroll down to near the bottom of the main page and vote.  There are many other polls still open for voting.
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