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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Proud than a Peacock

By Saint Louis Montefort

What Lucifer lost through pride, Mary won through
humility. What Eve lost through disobedience, Mary
saved through obedience. By heeding the serpent, Eve
caused the downfall of herself and all her children.

She delivered them into the serpent’s power. Mary, having
completely surrendered herself to God, saved her children
and servants, with herself, and consecrated them
to God.

True, God has declared only one war; but He has
put enmities between Mary and the devil, and between
her seed and the devil’s seed; and He has sown secret
hatreds and dislikes between the followers of Mary and
the followers of the devil. They do not, frankly, love each
other—these two armies. They do not have any natural
attraction or friendliness toward each other.
The children of Satan, the friends of the world—it’s
the same clan—have always persecuted those who
belong to the Queen of Heaven, as Cain persecuted his
brother Abel, and Esau his brother Jacob. They will be
more cruel in their persecution as time goes on. Cain
and Esau represent the children of the bottomless pit.
Abel and Jacob stand for the chosen, the elect. Mary, the
humble one, will always conquer the angel of pride; and
she will crush his head, where his pride dwells . . .

We are by nature more proud than peacocks, more attached
to the earth than toads, more ugly than goats, more envious
than snakes, more gluttonous than pigs, more quick
than tigers to red anger, more lazy than turtles, more
weak than any reed, more inconstant than any weathervane.
We have within ourselves only nothingness and
sin; and we deserve only the wrath of God, and everlasting

Considering this, is it any wonder that Our Lord
bade His would-be followers to renounce themselves
and hate their lives—that he who loved his life would
lose it, and that he who hated his life would save it?
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