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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Urban Campers' Cooking Guide

There are lots of “on the run foods” out there that don’t need to be cooked or refrigerated, so let’s start there with a few menu ideas:
  • Apple slices or celery sticks with peanut butter.
  • Chunky-style peanut butter with slices of banana sandwich.
  • Raisins, apple slices and walnuts.
  • Cheerios with rice or soy milk topped with fresh banana slices.
  • Fresh fruit salad: chunks of orange, apple, banana, nuts and sprinkle with granola mix.
  • Fresh garden salad: mix iceberg lettuce with tomato and onion slices, top with fresh squeezed lemon, vegetable oil, toss and sprinkle with with salt and pepper.
  • Crushed no-salt Saltine crackers topped with soy or rice milk and sprinkled with sugar.
  • Tuna salad: Add a small can of tuna to the fresh garden salad and mix.
  • Chicken salad:  Add a small can of chicken to the fresh garden salad and mix.
Sometimes a meal just tastes better cooked.  Having a method to cook or warm food comes in handy:
  • Aluminum foil seals heat in.  Wrap a loaf of bread and place it in the sun or on the dashboard of your car in the sun for an hour or two for fresh-baked flavor.  Top with your favorite butter, jam, cheese or cold cuts.
  • Stop in at the local convenience store or gas station to warm up soup, sandwiches and entrees in their microwaves.
  • Build a small, discreet fire. It will keep you warm, as well as cook your food.  You are going to want to overcook your food before you eat it; especially if you got it out of a dumpster somewhere.
  • Make a temporary stove out of tin cans.  You can get heat by burning small sticks, using Sterno cans, or candles to make heat. There are even small fold up stoves for under twenty dollars.
  • Candle stoves are pretty easy to make. Take a large tin or coffee can and poke a bunch of holes in the sides. Then nail three or four long nails through the bottom (so that the pointy ends are inside the can) and spear some long emergency candles onto them. Light the candles and place your bowl or pan or whatever on top of the can. The holes in the sides will provide the flames with oxygen.
God bless your urban camping, your meals and nutrition!
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