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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Pope Francis

Pope Francis marked his 78th birthday by the distribution of hundreds of sleeping bags to homeless people in Rome on Wednesday.  A van packed with 400 sleeping bags carrying a papal sign toured around Rome looking for homeless people to give them to. 
Please help about 100 homeless here in So Cal on Christmas Day in honor of Pope Francis' birthday. Donate as many as you would like $7 Subway Sandwich gift cards for distribution on Christmas morning on the streets and under bridges.  Please give your gift cards or a donation to one of the following Servants of the Father of Mercy as soon as possible: Catherine Delgado, Linda Scaramella, Miguel Dorado Rubio, Nancy Pena, Chino Gomes, Angelique Gabrielle Perez, Carmen Lozano, DiaClau Montevene, Blanca Cortez de Miranda, Rocio Maciel, Elva Rodriguez, Sandra Gonzalez, Celina Gonzales, Manuel Jimenez, Mark Burke, Michael Valencia, Luis Abrego John Sanders Jones or mail to Servants of the Father of Mercy, 1544 Morse Avenue, # A, Ventura, CA 93003. Donate online at (Please repost and share this request for homeless help with family and friends, God will bless you!)

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