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Friday, December 5, 2014


Through the testimony of many saints we have come to understand that very few people go straight to heaven upon their death.  It appears as though about 99% of deaths end up in a place called purgatory; worse, hell. On the other hand some people are offered a near-death-experience and are sent back to earth for a mission.  About 1% may go direct to heaven.  Should you not believe in Purgatory, no worries, this post is not for you. You will find out when you get there.

What is the best way to escape the fires of hell or 50 to 100 years in Purgatory or more?  Jesus said, "Blessed are the merciful, they shall obtain mercy." Matthew 5:7  The Servants of the Father of Mercy offers the opportunity for ordinary people and families like you to join with a team immersed in giving mercy to the poorest of the poor.  Be merciful to the homeless and the Lord will be merciful to you at the hour of your death.

As Fr. Breitfeller, a military chaplain preached every Sunday in the same 10 second sermon for 25 years, "It's you soul, save it!"

See you this Sunday, 2p at the Servants of the Father of Mercy chapel and warehouse for lunch and a serving the homeless planning meeting.  Contact myself, Miguel Dorado, Catherine White, Chino Gomes or other Servants if you would like more information.

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