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Monday, December 22, 2014

USA Today Headline - Pope Francis to the Vatican Curia: Merry Christmas, you power-hungry hypocrites

Today USA Today and AP reports Pope Francis spoke his annual Christmas message to the Vatican's Curia, a group of various Vatican offices that assist the pope in his day-to-day leadership and is headed up by the College of Cardinals

Instead of a cheerful Christmas greeting, this year's message was a strong critique of the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, denouncing how . . .

1. Some of the men lust for power at all costs.

2. Live hypocritical double lives

3. Suffer from "spiritual Alzheimer's" that has made them forget they're supposed to be joyful men of God.

4. The "terrorism of gossip" is killing each other, our colleagues and brothers in cold blood.

5. Cliques among the men "enslave their members and is a cancer that eventually kills their friendship.

6.  Living hypocritical double lives causes spiritual emptiness that their education and degrees cannot save them.

7. Some of the men of the Curia suffer from spiritual ailments, dysfunctions, and illnesses.

8. Cardinals that lust for power even if it means defaming or discrediting others, even in newspapers or magazines, to show themselves as more capable.

9. Boasting the deception, the ailment of feeling immortal, immune or even indispensable.

10. Being vain.

11.Wanting to accumulate things.

12.Having a "hardened heart."

13.Kissing up to superiors for personal gain.

14.Having a "funeral face."

15.Being too "rigid, tough and arrogant," especially toward underlings.

16.Being work-a-holics and micro managing controlling obsessed.

17.Don't allow themselves to be surprised by the "freshness, fantasy and novelty" of the Holy Spirit.

18.Loss of sense of humor.

The Cardinals were apparently not amused, whereas at the conclusion, the Pope's speech was met with a soft and weak applause.

Pope Francis asked the bureaucrats to pray that these "wounds of the sins that each one of us carries are healed" and that the Church and Curia itself are made healthy.

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