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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Life is a Journey - Avoid McMansions?

Regarding Garden Roots (see Wednesday, November 28, 2007) M.D. writes... "You've given an age-old spiritual theme a new twist, connecting it to our political problem of homelessness. Nice! The existentialist philosopher Karl Jaspers has noted that the rise of philosophy and the world religions in the 800s B.C. to 300s B.C. (which Jaspers has referred to as the "Axis Age") had as its theme the idea of LIFE AS A JOURNEY. All of the founders of the religions, Zoroaster, the Hebrew Prophets, Buddha, and the founders of philosophical systems, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, etc. saw life as transitory or simply a journey toward enlightenment or HOME. So, your theme is well established."

J.F. writes regarding A Bing Crosby Holiday (see Thursday, November 22, 2007) ... "Beautiful thoughts ... In a way I think you are saying the more we “need” a physical home (McMansions, etc.) the more homeless our souls are. Yesterday, I was watching a show on TV about small spaces where people were fitting what used to constitute an entire house, Living Room, Dining room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Family Room, et. al, into small apartments (under 500 sq. ft) in New York. The most interesting part was that the more they got rid of stuff and reduced their lives to bare necessities in order to fit their space, the happier they seemed to be, regardless of their level of income. So less room for material goods seems to equal more peace and room for God?"

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BringTheHope said...

Better living through less! A theme which I have started to put into action lately. I hadn't really thought of it as a way toward greater connection with God, but yes I can feel more of a connection through shunning the normal material lifestyle. Thank you for your comment.

What of the generally pervasive "I got to have my bling bling and my bigger better everything"? Seeking to satisfy my base instinct of survival which after all what materialism serves.
Where does this ultimately go? What really is the purpose for collecting ever more expensive things? Underneath it all is serving our survival instinct. A "want of the flesh" in religious terms. This may offend some but the reality cannot be denied.

Perhaps God has moved me toward this and I just didn't give him the credit! You know I really think God doesn't make it difficult for us to build a relationship with him. Action it seems speaks much louder than words to God and living with less is statement to him without words.

Todays spiritual thought.

WHAT IF: Everyone in the country this Christmas donated all the money they would ordinarily spend on conventional gifts toward solving the worlds leading most glaring troubles? Feeding the hungry, nursing the sick and the myriad of problems faced by the much less fortunate at home and abroad. How would God like that!
Literaly overnight we would move light years closer to a beautiful harmony and peace on earth.