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Friday, December 21, 2007

St. Peter's Los Angeles, Champions of Christ in Christmas

In the true Spirit of Christmas, St. Peter's in downtown Los Angeles (famous for its fishing boat altar, photo above) consistently announces Christ to the poor and homeless throughout the year. Six days a week, volunteers staff a hot meal line cooking up lunches for 150 needy children, women and men each day from the rectory's kitchen.

Yesterday, approximately 25 guests of the food line attended a special Holiday prayer group and Bible study. After singing Christmas Carols the group turned their attention to prayer and reflection on the Nativity Story. What was the message? At His conception, Christ left his throne in glory. He left all of His riches and emptied Himself of all splendor becoming poor and homeless (always homeless because he left His true home in heaven) for our sake. Christ is our model! We too can leave our pride, riches and arrogance behind, become poor with him and unite with Him in His mission to transform the world.

The group concluded with three gifts presented to each person. The first, a bottle of water representing Christ who is the only person who can quench thirst. Second, a bag of fresh-baked cookies representing the gifts of consolation God gives us to make it through our trials in this life. Lastly, gifts of warm socks, gloves and jackets. All representing the gift of God's Son coming into our lives. The best gift of all? Six participant's prayed for forgiveness of their sins and they rededicated their lives to the Lord. There was undoubtedly a lot of rejoicing in heaven!


King Leo said...

Being a few bucks away from homeless, I don't think Jesus cares or can do anything to prevent it.

Gufbal1981 said...

King could you say that Jesus doesn't care? Wasn't it him that said "Whatever you do to the least of these you have done unto me?" He didn't just say it for the sake of conversation...He said it to show that he really does care! We all have our crosses to bear. Not everyone is homeless...not everyone enjoys the same comforts, but we all have a cross to bear. Be thankful for what you have...chances are, you probably have more than others do.

Anonymous said...

K.L., take heart, you are loved. We will pray for you - possibly at a time in your life when you can not pray for yourself. We will believe for you until you can.