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Friday, June 20, 2008

Homeless in Louisiana

For the past twenty years, Rev. Martin has been directing the Shreveport Rescue Mission. He has seen a lot of changes too. For nearly 50 years it operated in an older facility, but in the past year opened the doors of this brand new, 5 million dollar home (photos). It is designed with three wings - one for women, men and one for families with children. Getting his wish list, it is also equipped with medical and dental offices. Volunteer doctors staff the facility at various times in the month. But it is not all about brick and mortar. Get Pastor Martin talking about giving and receiving the compassion and mercy of the Lord and the conversation won't end. Along with his staff, Donna and Jennifer to mention a few, he has inspired many local Catholic and Protestant churches to donate their time to helping the homeless at the Rescue Mission. We pray for God's blessings on him and the staff as they have been key in also responding to 1000s of homeless after hurricane Katrina. The mission is the largest operation of its kind in the state of Louisiana. They are a faith-based organization and exist solely through donations.

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