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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd

Called forth by the power of the Holy Spirit for life and ministry in the Church, the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, were founded in 1951 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Brother Mathias Barrett (photo). The roots of the community are rooted in the call of Christ to Brother Mathias, who, through his prayerful response to a unique invitation, was empowered by the unlimited love of God for a life of prayer and service to the poor and needy.

Brother Mathias initiated the ministry by operating a refuge for the care and assistance of the transient poor. While serving the needs of these poor, he came in contact with needy priests and assisted them to regain a sense of their human and spiritual dignity. Through his concerns and efforts, many priests came to reaffirm their vocation and resume their ministry in the Church. Imbued with similar zeal, other men joined in this noble work and went forth in faith to meet additional apostolic challenges.

Today, the Brothers are serving the poor in New Mexico, Illinois, Canada, England, Ireland, and Haiti. They share the mercy and compassion of Christ in many ways while providing …

* Direct service to the homeless and disadvantaged members of society.

* Care for elderly persons unable to function independently while promoting independent living for the elderly.

* Hospice care for those living with a terminal illness and promote a sacred reverence for life.

* Care programs for persons with developmental disabilities.

* Accommodations, care, and education for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.

* Supportive housing programs to the elderly, psychiatrically disabled, physically disabled, and people with HIV/AIDS.

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