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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Little Bit of History – The West Hollywood Food Coalition

And now for a little bit of history… In March of 1987, Monsignor Parnassus of Saint Victor's Parish in West Hollywood stood up at the pulpit and said that the City of West Hollywood was looking for volunteers to feed the homeless. With that, parishioners Ted and wife Penny and about twenty others started The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. Doris joined the team about three years later and effectively turned the organization into what it is today. They are now in their twenty-first year serving food to the homeless one-on-one.

The mission is to feed the homeless and hungry of the West Hollywood community a hot, fresh, and nutritious meal every day, seven days a week, throughout the year. To do it in such a way as to give back to the people a sense of their own dignity, and to restore their confidence in being able to resume their place in society with the rest of us, as productive citizens -- in short, to treat them like individual human beings in temporary distress, instead of as untouchables.

The West Hollywood Food Coalition recycles food from all available sources in Los Angeles (hotels, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, produce markets, caterers, film studios, airlines), so as to provide a continuous supply of the highest quality fresh food AT NO COST. The BIG payoff is that the community at large has a chance to give back and get involved in serving the poor.

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