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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Homeless In Texas

Monday, on HIA’s journey crossing America to meet Jesus in the homeless, it is important to note the drive across the desert Southwest was a brutal blend of intense desert heat while sighting frequent “dirt devils” and then scouting occasional homeless persons walking along the shoulder of I-10, miles from the nearest exit or civilization. Most sojourners had apparently minute provisions, little water or protection from the scorching sun. Monday evening’s Magnificat reading coincidentally spoke loud and clear, “God shall charge his angel legions, Though you walk through hostile regions, Though in desert wilds you sleep.”

So, across this great land of ours, are we responding to Jesus’ command to serve a cup of water to the parched, the scorched and dehydrated in His name? How is Jesus being cared for in the abandoned, rejected and the misunderstood of our country?

At first glimpse, Christians are responding with a great “Amen!” to Jesus’ instructions. It is happening right here in America and it immediately can be found at a spontaneous stop at 180 House in Abilene, Texas. Husband and wife team, Richard (group photo, guy in blue shirt) and Tracy along with Richard’s father (photo, man with dogs) is making it all happen in this part of the world, just miles from Midland, Texas - home of the Presidential Texan family, Bush.

With little funding and just a passion to serve the poor, Richard and his father acquired a deserted convalescence home in 1993. Since that time, they scraped and saved. They personally remodeled one wing at a time until it became fully operational by the year 2000. Tracy joined the team soon after and became happily married to Richard supporting his zeal to serve the homeless of Texas.

At 180 House, six wings contain comfortable double occupancy rooms (photos), a floor kitchen, private baths and private floor shower. Many wings sport triumphal names (photos) like – “The Road to Miracles,” “Hope Highway,” and “Faith Freeway” to mention a few.

So what is the 180 House “road to miracles?” Consider they receive no government funding and few donations. They rely mostly on what participants in the program can offer for the upkeep of the home. It is an open-ended home in that some individuals have continued to live there for some years now. Though lost and abandoned at one time, they have found their true family.

Before leaving, Barron shared his story. He’s been at 180 House and sober for 18 months. He’s thankful that Richard, Tracy and the entire family has given him a chance and a new lease on life. He has found his very own “highway of hope” just off I-20 in Abilene, Texas. May we always remember Richard, Tracy, their father and 180 House in our prayers.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank everyone that prayed for me several weeks ago. My family was about to be homeless and had a chance to get a house at the last minute, below is the prayer I asked for. I wanted to update you on what has gone on and to ask for your continued prayers.

We did not get the house but maybe there is a better one to come. We are staying from place to place at this time but things seem at least to be on the up swing. My husband started getting some calls for work and we have been taking one day at a time.

I feel guilty praying for money but money is a fact of life to be able to live. Would you please pray that an abundance of money from work or just that a miracle comes our way so that we may get a home again and all the necessities of life and do not have to rely on anyone but ourselves.

Your prayers have touched my heart and my soul and gives me strength to go on. Tomorrow is an important day in my life and I was presented with a business opportunity that if it goes well I will be able to earn the money to start over again and maybe finally have some peace of mind. Please pray for my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchild, my mother, my husband and myself.. Please pray that more work comes to my husband very soon and God Bless all of you.

Beverly R

Lizzy said...

Beverly R,
Tonight I will be in adoration for an hour and will bring this with me and pray for you and your intentions. Don't ever feel guilty about praying form money, opportunities or miracles. Just keep praying and let others pray for you too. God Bless you!

Lizzy said...


I am so excited to see you on the road and sharing your experiences with us! This story is so touching, I am so moved by the mercy the family has for others.

Share more!

Anonymous said...

Liz, beginning with Richard, the entire "family" at 180 House is a real blessing to see their hard work, prayers and dream all come together with God's mercy and grace backing them up. The Lord always blesses those who reach out to the abandoned! Coming soon ... Homeless in Shreveport, LA. After Katrina, God is doing amazing things with the Rescue Mission there which offered lots of assistance to the people of New Orleans in their time of need.