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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Compassion Walks the City Streets

Compassion walks the city streets
And listens for certain feet
That seek a home they cannot find
Because the heart that leads is blind.
Compassion holds a steady light
To show the way through the chill of night
And takes the homeless by the hand
To lead them to a warmer land.

Compassion walks where life is hard,
Where eyes are blank and faces marred
By pain to great to understand,
And shoulders those too weak to stand.
Compassion is the Shepherd’s name:
Who from the halls of heaven came
To travel landscapes bare and bleak
For those that only love would seek.

Compassion does not tire or sleep
But walks wherever sufferers weep
Through ages past and still to come,
Until the world is gathered home
To rest at last where Mercy reigns
And heals all ills and stills all pains.
And where Compassion’s walk will cease,
Where God is all, and all is peace. Unknown

What will you do with Your Homeless in America?

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