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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take a Homeless Vacation, Raise lots of $$$ for the Poor, but Beware there will be Critics!

The Village Voice, a popular New York City publication reports that recently 32-year-old business professional Yusef Ramelize has taken a week's vacation from his job as a production coordinator to dabble in homelessness, as part of an effort to raise awareness and money for homeless shelters and food banks. Joining the ranks of the homeless began on a Sunday night, with Ramelize spending the night in the Union Square subway station and taking a short nap in a chair at McDonald's. He was kicked out for sleeping. According to the Village Voice, he's been staying in touch with his non-homeless friends with an iPhone. Friends have been bringing him food at night, though none of the meals are worth more than five dollars. So far he's raised $2,785. But, naturally, Ramelize has his critics. One commenter on the Voice website is quick to find fault: "You've got to realize that him taking up a graciously allowed chair at a 24 hour McDonald's denies that chair to someone in need. Sure, maybe the greater good could be served in the long term, but he could be hurting folks in the present. Did he give his apartment over to a homeless person while it was unoccupied for the week?"
What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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