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Thursday, June 4, 2009

He was the Lord of Heaven and Earth ... He Vanished from My Sight ...

One day, St. Faustina encountered a poor beggar of a young man at the gate of the convent. She had been placed in charge of serving the homeless that occasionally would show up begging for help. She recalls, “This young man, emaciated, barefoot and bareheaded, and with clothes in tatters, was frozen because the day was cold and rainy. He asked for something hot to eat. So I went to the kitchen and found nothing there for the poor. But, after searching around for some time, I succeeded in finding some soup, which I reheated and into which I crumbled some bread, and I gave it to the poor young man, who ate it. As I took the bowl away from him, he gave me to know that he was the Lord of heaven and earth. When I saw Him as He was, He vanished from my sight.”

After vanishing, Jesus made her aware that He was receiving from the poor many blessings for all the good works of mercy she was performing at the gate of the convent. Jesus said to her, “…This is why I came down from My throne – to taste the fruits of your mercy.” The Diary of St. Faustina, Notebook IV, 1312.
What will you do with Your Homeless in America?

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