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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grieving is Praying

There are few mourners left in the world. Two weeks ago, a young man, Danny, only twenty-one years old was found dead in an Anaheim hotel room nearly 100 miles from home. We grieve ... A few days ago, Anthony took his life at his home in Mexico. He was twenty-seven years old. We grieve ... Last week, a thirteen-year-old boy passed unexpectedly from what seem to have been successful open heart surgery. He died at home. We grieve ... A few days ago, an elderly doctor in South Carolina ended his life after spending the night at a friend's home who tried to console him. We grieve ... Two years ago, an elderly Los Angeles homeless man we call, "Mountain Man" slipped into eternity, exposed, on the side of a hill, by the train tracks. There was no closure, no Mass, no sending forth - just a date with the coroner. We grieve ...

Grieving is praying …

Look, my soul, at the way one human being tries to inflict as much pain on another as possible; look at these people plotting to bring harm to their fellows; look at these parents molesting their children; look at this landowner exploiting his workers; look at the violated women; the misused men; the abandoned children. Look my soul, at the world; see the concentration camps, the prisons, the nursing homes, the hospitals and hear the cries of the poor. H.N.

Grieving is praying …

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