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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Everyone is a First-hand Expert in Woundedness and thus, a Potential Expert in Helping others in their Woundedness

Mother Elvira Petrozzi
Founder of Comunita Cenacolo, Caring for the Lost and Desperate in Fourteen Countries

"I have to take care of this [others’] wounded existence, and for me the first wounded existence I must heal is my own. Today if we are not specialists, nobody will listen to us. Our competence to enter into this wounded nature is the mercy that we have received to be healed of our own wounded nature. Which one of us cannot say we are wounded in some way? Who among us still does not have open wounds? This wounded existence is us, every one of us. It is the first school for being able to close to the wounds of others.

"Today we are credible only if we have experience. We can say that we are experts. Personally I assure you that I feel that I can love only because I am continually filled up by God’s Divine Mercy. You know what mercy means? It means to become wounded by sin. This is my experience. The wound of my sin guarantees that the love that I give to my brothers is authentic. You know that I work with those who are addicted to drugs and that I live with them in a material and physical sense, but I live in their wounds. I get dirty in their mud, and I suffer in their darkness. The healing of these wounds cannot come from my natural compassion, from my human comprehension, or from the love of a consecrated woman.

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