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Monday, July 20, 2009

"Give it all Back to God"

In response to Treetop Science (see Sunday, July 19, 2009), P.H. in Detroit, MI shares the following true homeless story from her neighborhood …

“A few years ago I was driving down a street near my home and I noticed a home all ablaze. The woman who owned the house was outside weeping and screaming. I stopped my car, got out and walked over to her and said to her, ‘Give it all back to God!’ She said to me, ‘Are you crazy?’ Others all around her looked also at me as if to say - ‘Where did this crazy woman come from?’ Well somehow she agreed to say one Hail Mary with me. Being it was winter and none of her neighbors there were obviously really thinking, I thought she must be cold. So I gave her a blanket from my car. She was grateful and I drove off. We ran into each other weeks later. She said she was worried she would never see me again. She said forever she would treasure the blanket I gave her! Then we ran into each other again a few months later. She was all excited. She said she had just won the lottery, and just the amount to have a new house built there on that same plot. She said I was the first person she thought of because I told her if she gave it all back to God He would provide for another! God Bless! P.H.
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