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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Last Penny

Just prior to her death a few years ago, an Austrian woman Maria Simma spoke with an American writer, Nicholas Eltz in detail about her advice to popes, priests and other Christians since the 1940s based on hundreds of encounters with what she has termed, “The Poor Souls,” apparently in Purgatory. After these numerous supernatural experiences, she has become a believer in Jesus’ words … “I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.” Luke 12:59

In the book “Get Us Out Of Here” by Nicholas Eltz, Maria Simma states on page 162 …"A soul came to me once during the day. I was walking home one afternoon up in the woods and along came an extremely old woman. My first thought was, ‘Goodness, does she ever look old!’ She wandered toward me and looked sad and somewhat lost. I greeted her and asked why she was up there on her own and that it was getting late. She answered, ‘No one cares for me. No one takes me in and I have to sleep on the streets.’ I then thought her marbles must be loose. I considered for a second and then offered to take her with me, knowing that if she was a nuisance she wouldn’t be around for that long. ‘I will take you, but my place is small. It is all I have but it is a roof, and I can feed you.’ She cheered up instantly and said, ‘That is all I needed.’ And she was gone.

"Later I learned that she, at some point in her life, had turned someone truly needy away, and therefore had to go to Purgatory until the day that another person took her in. In this way [by offering to take her in] I made up for her sin [of neglect of others]. My offering this to her was reparation for her neglect. Reparation is ALWAYS necessary and if we do not do it voluntarily, God will arrange for it."

What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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