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Monday, August 4, 2014

Jesus's Parable of the Prodigal Son: From Dutiful and "Loser" to Split Personality, which Brother are You?

So which "brother" are you in the Jesus's story of the Prodigal Son?  Which one of these guys family styles sums up your life at home and even your relationship with God?  Pick one of the types below!

A.  The "faithful" dutiful brother that stays home, works hard and consequently has judgment and anger issues. He says: "Watch me, see mom and dad, see God, watch how hard I am working for you. Don't you think you should finally love me, after all I do for you?"

B.  The "loser" brother that could care less about impressing anyone. He throws caution to the wind and travels about having a good time but in the end crashes and burns.  He says: "Mom and dad, loving Creator, I can do nothing to earn your love. You love me no matter what. Help me to be continuously grateful for your generosity, patience, forgiveness and help me to love like you.

A/B. The "split personality" brother.  Sometimes a lot like "A" but gets fed up being dutiful. He's tired of working hard to earn love, then throws caution to the wind and for a season its "B" party-time and lives more like its 1999! He says: Yes, I am a sinner, I now that for certain.  I can do nothing Lord, to earn your love, but thank you that I am not as big as a sinner as others!

Above is a picture of Rembrandt's painting, "The Prodigal Son."  The dutiful son filled with tension, can easily be spotted on the right, wringing his hands.  The servants in the story may be seen in the background.

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