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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome to Being Homeless In America

Welcome to being "Homeless In America" where just the Walton family alone (WalMart) have more wealth in their estate than collectively 30% of all the poor in the U.S.

For example:  Off in Beverly hills lies a 23,000-square-foot mega mansion for sale that warns viewers to "be prepared for an overwhelming sensory experience unlike any you've felt before." That sensory experience could be described as stepping inside a home decorated by an obscenely rich estate-child whose primary passions in life are sports cars and Fight Club. It was recently featured on Curbed LA.  "Homes of the Rich" received a tip that its unannounced asking price is a staggering $85M, the shamelessly appointed contemporary home is a great introduction to decorating like the young (at heart), rich, and tasteless. This way for Yves Saint Laurent fire extinguishers, chrome machine guns, candy rooms, and more.

Welcome to being "Homeless in America!"

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