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Monday, October 1, 2007

Sad, Frightened, Smiling & Homeless

Just a few of the many homeless children being cared for by the Hope Haven Gospel Mission of Auburn, Maine. According to the National Coalition of Homeless in Washington D. C., homeless mothers and their homeless children from birth to age ten are the fastest growing segment of homeless people in America. Many women run away from their abusive husbands or boyfriends and often take their children with them to get away from violent home environments. These mothers are confused themselves let alone having to raise homeless children with them. While the women need jobs to survive and take care of their children, many of them do not have the skills necessary to get jobs. Without help, the cycle of homelessness can continue indefinitely and be passed on from one generation to the next.

1 comment:

Raby Savage said...

This entry frightens and encourages me at the same time. It's scary to see children homeless. It's so wrong, in my opinion. They are innocent.
It encourages me that these children still have hope. It makes me realize, as an adult, I've got nothing to complain about no matter what challenges come my way.
These children put me and my bad attitude to shame.