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Friday, October 26, 2007

South Carolina's Our Lady's Rosary Makers

In the past two weeks, more than 200 rosaries have been lovingly handed out to homeless women and men living on the streets, under bridges and in alleyways. Most prefer to wear them around the neck. Others put them in a pocket to later draw upon in times of trouble or while feeling alone and frightened in the night. It is because of this great need to feel God’s presence that almost everyone becomes "Catholic" as they most gratefully accept and grasp upon the rosary. More than prayer cards and other religious items, it is the most loved single source of comfort preferred by those living in homelessness.

All the rosaries have been handmade and donated by Our Lady’s Rosary Makers ( of South Carolina. OLRM is just one of many branches of The Rosary Club of Louisville, Kentucky founded by Brother Sylvan, C.F.X. In 1949, Brother Sylvan began to teach children how to make rosaries for missionaries. Inspired by Our Lady's words at Fatima, and having received letters of request from missionaries around the world, he knew of the great need for rosaries in the mission fields. By 1954 membership had grown to 2,500 adults and many children in schools across the nation.

Today the club has grown from its humble origins to an international non-profit organization. A new International Rosary Center was built and has more than doubled the organization's original size. A staff of 24 people, working five days a week fill orders and serve over 40,000 members, who annually distribute millions of rosaries to the world's missions.

Many thanks to Our Lady’s Rosary Makers of South Carolina and the Rosary Club of Louisville, Kentucky for generously supplying us hundreds of rosaries. Recently, they just sent another new shipment. Through their efforts, the rosary is now a gift lighting the way for hundreds of poor Angelinos who grasp the Cross of Christ and the intercessions of Mary when they are alone, frightened and struggling for hope.

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Liz said...

My niece and I make them too. If you need to distribute some locally, let me know!