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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pray for Us

Today, HIA goes on a day-long retreat with the St. Peter's Homeless Prayer Group & Bible Study community. The four-part day will begin with "Testimonies of Mercy" as we discover how God has lovingly brought each person to this point of knowing Him in their lives. After a short time of reflection we plan to gather for a second session, "Prayers of Mercy" as we explore showing mercy for others in our private prayers and how to pray. After some more reflection, we return for a third session to ask the question, "What is God saying to me today?" Lastly, we will break bread and have fellowship as real people at a local restaurant! Please pray for our retreatants: Arturo, Ernesto, Juanito and Raby (pronounced "Robbie").

Also, please pray for the many that we know and actively pray for living under the bridges, in alleys and on the streets of Skid Row: Paul, Maynard, David, Anthony, Kitty, California, Pur, Anthony, Jim, James, Pepper, Pio, William, Terry, Tara and her baby, Shannon (male) and Shannon (female), Elaine, Joyce, Patricia, Gloria, Kevin, James, Tyrone, Victor, Connie, Sheila, Tabatha, Ty, Jo Jo, Anne, Meghan, Seven, Jimmy, Melanie, Tora, Eritleka, Leanord, Gregory, Blackie, Tee, Wayne, Heaven, Michelle, Khalid ...

1 comment:

Raby Savage said...

Thanks for your prayers everybody. The retreat was spiritually uplifting. I enjoyed the warm fellowship among the group also.