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Monday, October 15, 2007

Charmed by the Sentiment

C. S. is thankful for Francis a Rich Model for Serving the Poor (see Tuesday, October 4, 2007). He said... “My favorite prayer of all time is the St. Francis prayer. (in recovery it's suggested as the 11th step prayer) Thank you for the article, and it is inspiring... I feel that truly what is the most worthwhile and spiritually fulfilling would be to dedicate myself to be of service to those in the world who are poor and in need.”

R.S. comments regarding Homeless Victims of “Sport Killings,” (see Sunday, October 14, 2007), “Check it out: I'll betcha the parents have rotten attitudes about people without homes (homeless) and they may unknowingly be passing on their attitudes to their kids. When my brothers were teenagers they had compassion for all people less fortunate than we were. Guess who they got that attitude from?”

J.F. "charmed by the sentiment," writes up a personal story in reaction to the blog, Clean and Unclean, (see Tuesday, October 9, 2007). He said … “I passed by a spot where I would frequently see a homeless man. Today, the man was different, dirty, having a hard time walking, had straggly brown hair and a matted beard. He was wearing a hand made sign that said something like: "I will take whatever you can give me, even if all you do is say Hello." Charmed by the sentiment, I rolled down my window and simply said "Hello" and he turns to me says: ‘See, how can you know if God exits, if you can't even stop to say Hello!?’ Wow! That couldn't have come at a better time. I tried to give him money or food and he wouldn't take it, he said the hello was enough for him today. He gave me a gift that was much greater than anything I could have given him. Jesus exists in all of us and, sometimes, especially in the homeless sleeping on our streets.”

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Raby Savage said...

J.F., you're making me cry. That's beautiful.