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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wealth Psychologist?

Reuters reports that a surge in the number of millionaires in the world is spawning a fast-growing industry -- wealth psychology. What’s up with that? Apparently there is a new breed of psychologist that now specializes in handling the neurosis of clients who feel guilty about their riches or have become heirs to the many problems related to inheriting wealth. Wealth psychologists help with issues such as how to raise children in an environment where almost anything can be bought, or intervene when spouses fight over money. Reuter’s reports, "One of the biggest concerns when people become significantly wealthy is ... 'How am I going to raise my kids responsibly with all this money'," psychologist and consultant James Grubman told the Reuters Wealth Management Summit in Boston.

HIA invites the nation’s wealth management firms to consider augmenting their psychological counseling services with our “free” formula for mental health, (see Saturday, September 29, 2007 - Proverbs 14:21 Unplugged & Updated). When we ignore the poor, it is by God’s standards a sin of omission – not that we have done something wrong – we have failed to do the right thing. Unfortunately, the result of all sin is unhappiness. But happy is the person who shares his wealth with the poor and has mercy on the needy. He will not experience the psychological and eternal penalties of sin. Happy is the one that regards the poor in their low estate by personally helping them, giving them financial aid, having conversation with them and blessing them. Happy is this person. He will not have need to pay expensive fees to a wealth psychologist!

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