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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Did You Get Reality or the Sugar-coated Version?

The Apostle Paul says we are living in a “crooked and depraved generation … among who you shine like stars.” (cf. Philippians 2:15) Thomas Merton writes something similar in the introduction to his book, The Wisdom of the Desert . . . “Society was regarded [by St. Anthony and the Desert Fathers] as a shipwreck from which each single individual man or woman had to swim for his life . . . These were men [the Desert Fathers] who believed that to let oneself drift along, passively accepting the tenets and values of what they knew as society, was purely and simply a disaster.” (See Wednesday, November 4, 2009)

With all that said, here at Homeless In America, a new poll is launched today. What do you think? Did your parents, teachers & religious leaders prepare you for the “shipwrecked” human condition rampant in the world today? Or, do you think their message was sugar-coated. It left you to figure out the truth of our human brokenness on your own?

Please scroll down to the near the bottom of this main page and vote in this and all the Homeless In America polls. Thank you for your participation.

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