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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweetness of Holy Charity

By Fr. Francois-Louis de Blois

All men, without any exception whatever, he must sincerely love as himself; that is, he must love them spiritually and in right order, desiring for them the grace of God and everlasting happiness. And that he may find it easier truly to love others, he should look upon every man as himself, because capable of divine union. He should look upon all as brothers and sisters, called to the same happiness as himself. He should consider in them, not the lowliness of their external persons, but the nobility and beauty of their invisible souls, made after the image of God.

He should sympathize with all who are in necessity, trial or misfortune. He should be ready to benefit, help and console all, without exception, but particularly those who are oppressed to him and persecute him. He must treat the imperfections of others with kind and merciful forbearance, healing and correcting any little bitterness he may feel in his heart with the sweetness of holy charity. But on the other hand, sins which he ought to correct and reprove he should not feign not to see, but the correction and reproof should be mingled with mildness and fitting gentleness. Sin must be hated in man, but not the man on account of the sin: for God made the man, but man, not God did the sin … Therefore, must the servant of God embrace everyone with kindliness of charity. He should grieve over the faults of others, and rejoice at their virtues, giving thanks to God; and this he cannot but do if he looks upon everyone, as himself.

Fr. Francois-Louis de Blois was the abbot of the Benedictine Abbey in Liessies, France and he died there in 1566.

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Anonymous said...

I will carry this as my meditation today. I am the housing specialist for a shelter, and for the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing program. At times I see things that grieve me. I see injustice and cold hearts. I want to cry out some times and I must keep quiet. I am prompted by God that I must pray for my coworkers and the shelter. I am reminded that God must bring about the change - that I cannot force things. The reading today was very helpful. In fact I look forward everyday to your email.I would like invite you all to come to our shelter. Julia

Anonymous said...

God bless you Julia - yes the meditation today is very meaningful and timely although it was written hundreds of years ago! Yes, we would love to come to meet you and your shelter in Sacramento some day. Also, if you are ever in the Los Angeles area, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team meets once a month for prayer and gathering at 11am - Saturday November 7th and then Saturday, January 9th. Blessings!