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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Picture This" Poll Passes

Recently a poll closed that surveyed attitudes about what many find as an awkward moment when encountering the poor. What do you do when a homeless person begs you for money? For the past six months, bloggers and readers were asked the following question in this regard . . . Picture this: You encounter a ragged, under nourished homeless person begging on a street corner. The person is asking for a $1.00. How would you respond? Here are the results:

* 57% thought they would go ahead and give the person the $1.00
* 0% said they would not give the $1.00 because they will in turn just go out and buy alcohol or drugs.
* 28% felt that they would take personal time, go to a market and come back with food/water.
* 14% were unsettled in their opinion saying, “I don't know what I would do. I'm always confused in these situations.”

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What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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