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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How God Uses Poverty, Injustice and Extreme Evil

Lord Jesus, in your poverty, You were so cruelly treated at the crucifixion that every drop of your blood and every drop of water in your body was poured out on the earth. The lacerations, the crown of the thorns, the nails in your hands and feet and piercing of your side left no doubt in anyone’s mind that You were dead. The very marrow of your bones withered up and You expired. Your torturers blatantly exalted evil to its highest degree, to the point that your death was obvious to everyone. It was clear and final. And yet, God your Father used the cruel evaporation of your body and obvious death to erase all doubts surrounding your resurrection. Poured out and spent on Calvary, and witnessed by all, no one could say that at the resurrection, or for that matter ages to come, “He somehow survived his torturers” or “He was nurtured back to life by crafty disciples.”

Isn’t it just like You O God to take extreme evil and because You are God, you can create an extreme good from it? You O Lord foreknew the coming resurrection and those torturers' game of extreme torment and death played right into your hands. Through their culture of inexplicable death, You used their actions to erase all doubt surrounding the soon coming resurrection. And You not only used their evil to erase all doubts then, but for all ages to come and even now.

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