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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Saint Faustina, Eye-Witness to Hell

We’ve all heard stories or met people that after witnessing a tragedy or worse yet being caught up in one like an automobile crash or sports accident, they received first-hand knowledge that altered their future behavior. For instance, they made a decision to drive safer, sell off the motorcycle or wear a helmet when playing sports. Unfortunately, it often takes a tragedy to wake up human behavior and inspire change.

A few days ago, a Homeless In America poll closed. Following a similar trend of thought as above, the following question was posed: “Like Saint Faustina, if you knew for certain the specifics of a place with eternal homelessness, "hell" - would you live your life differently than you are now?”

73% said “yes.” Apparently staying true to human behavior, the majority felt as though they would become more motivated to live life better, differently and more in accord with God’s will. 27% said “no.” They may feel as though they already are making great strides in heeding the warning signs along the pathway of life and are motivated to follow God’s ways without any further “eyewitness” motivations.

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