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Monday, February 10, 2014

Homeless, Home, Headquarters and Helpers Wanted!

Around January 30th the Servants of the Father of Mercy began to clean out and occupy and old warehouse in the industrial area of Ventura.  The unit has 2,000 Sq. Ft. of contiguous space, private bathroom and small office.  Our new headquarters is perfect for gathering and sorting clothing, shoes, socks, blankets, t-shirts, jackets, food and water for the 1,000s of homeless we serve in the region each year.  It's also a perfect space for our prayer chapel, KidsKrafts - families making craft fundraisers, weekly Sunday 2pm team meetings and youth and family night the last Friday of each month. Some have asked for more pictures of the new place, so here are a few more of definitely a work in progress over the coming weeks and months.  The first 3 pictures are real early before pics.  The rest of the photos are about a week or so after moving in and others were taken at a recent Youth & Family Night . . .  Would you like to help the Servants of the Father of Mercy serve the homeless?  We meet weekly, Sundays 2pm, lunch is provided.  To join the team, email us at  We also serve other regions and cities across the U. S.  There is a need for helpers in all areas of the country where homeless gather for support and services.


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