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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Joshua and Ryan Story

Joshua Fields Millburn, who at age 27 became the youngest director of operations at a large telecom company in the Midwest, had been asked to craft a plan to close eight retail stores and terminate 41 workers. But when he handed the report to his boss in early 2011, it included 42 names. At the top of the list he’d written his own.

Two years before, Millburn had watched his mother die and his marriage dissolve in the span of a month. When he looked around at the life he’d built for himself — a six-figure salary, impressive title, and big house full of stuffed closets — he didn’t feel fulfilled. Instead, he felt weighed down by the things he’d accumulated. Working 80 hours a week trapped in a cycle of consumerism had ultimately ruined his relationship and left him with $100,000 of debt. 

Then he came across the idea of minimalism, a lifestyle dedicated to clearing the clutter in your life and making room for the things that are truly important to you. Over a period of eight months, Millburn stopped buying things he didn’t need, gave away most of the stuff he had, and downsized to a one-bedroom apartment in Dayton, Ohio.

When his longtime friend and coworker Ryan Nicodemus finally asked, “Why the hell are you so happy lately?” he realized he was onto something. Millburn explained his new lifestyle, and Nicodemus was instantly hooked. Together (photo) they launched a website about their journey,, and recently published a book, “Everything That Remains.” 

Okay, so well this is nothing new . . . A book written about 1,000 years ago tells a similar story, but possibly in more depth - "The Little Flowers of Saint Francis." The "little flowers" are short stories of Francis, a young twenty-something playboy, wealthy guy who was also knighted and gave it all up to be a minimalist in the strictest sense of the word. He had it down to one tunic and one pair of sandals just as Jesus had asked. Once arriving at that point, in his utter poverty he began to receive supernatural consolations, God-encounters, visions and raptures of pure peace and heaven. Joshua and his friend Ryan are on to something tried and proven while reviving the universal path for all of us.  It's all good!

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