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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Does anyone read my posts?  God willing, our prayer is everyone will read this one and respond with a big YES!

Just left the new warehouse location of the Servants of the Father of Mercy and discovered the cupboards are bare and with NO food for distribution to the homeless next week.  There is lots of water from a BIG water collection that Deacon Manny and Archbishop Gomez had at a Mass in August of last summer, but NO food. Nada! 

If everyone that reads this would give one of the following items to a Servant of the Father of Mercy over the weekend, the problem will be solved.  Donate from Smart & Final or Costco for example:  1 box 24 chip snack assortment, 1 box chocolate/peanut butter/vanilla creams cookie assortment, small boxes of pudding, fruit or applesauce cups, boxes of granola bars, beef jerky, pop open tuna cans, etc.

For those of you that are extremely busy or live out of the So Cal area, across the US and Europe - you may wish to participate in this emergency food collection and help out too.  Go to the Servants of the Father of Mercy donate page - whatever you give this week will be immediately used to buy food for the homeless and delivered to them on the streets next week.  When you donate, have a prayer intention and make your alms giving also as a prayer for your special needs.  God will hear you!  Here is the link to donate online:

Thank you, thank you everyone for helping!  Please share this post with family and friends and feel free to translate for ESL readers.  God bless you one and all!

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