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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Angel Street Stories

Just the other day, “Dary” and “Rubi,” sat on the cold damp cement with their backs pressed against the church wall eating a modest meal of bread, rice and beans. Thirty-something, they had met on the streets a few years ago. At the time, Rubi was a prostitute and Dary was a drug dealer. On this day, the couple looked worn and tired. While extending an invitation to attend our homeless bible study group, it was apparent Dary could teach it. He confessed he had learned the Bible by repeatedly consuming it cover-to-cover for two years straight while in solitary confinement. It was the only personal item permitted in the stark empty cell.

Rubi hung on Dary’s every word. Rejected by a wealthy father, her real hero is this man who survived prison. She has become a believer through his testimony. She intently listens as he shares his story of an apparent encounter with an angel of the Lord. On one occasion while in solitary confinement, he was let out for a brief social hour. Immediately, a man walked up to Dary, one he had never seen before and pointed his finger boldly proclaiming, “God wants you.” He continued … “God is working in your life. There is no such thing as time. Time does not exist. God wants you to live in the moment and give your all to Him.” He took him to a corner and opened up the Word of God to him. He taught him about why the Christ had to suffer, die and be resurrected and why we unite with him in his suffering and resurrection. Dary never saw the man again.

Today, Dary no longer deals drugs and Rubi is not a prostitute. However, Rubi is HIV positive and also suffers from hepatitis and a bone disease. The doctors say she should be bed ridden. Yet, as a homeless person she continues to walk many miles each day. The good news is that they know who their Lord and Savior is. However, they still have temptations. Rubi says, “It’s not when the drug dealers drop off a $5 or $10 supply that we get tempted. It’s when they drop off $500. A big load is difficult to resist.” When asked to receive an anointing and prayers, they replied, “Please pray for [Rubi's] healing and that we could become clean.” We pray - we remember.

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