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Saturday, September 22, 2007

U.S. Pets Lapping Up Luxury - Homeless in Lap of Poverty

While many of the country's poor sift through dumpsters for food, we sometimes spend money in ways that seem to ignore their needs. In one such instance, many pets for example are being fetched the finer treats of life for a pretty penny. In 2007, pet food sales are expected to reach $16.1 billion. Every dog needs to dine, however the all-natural/custom bakery treats sector is growing 2-3 times faster than regular pet foods. One company catering the trend welcomes pets into bakeries (to sniff birthday cakes & nosh get-well cookies) and creates luxury personalized items for them. It’s a growing trend nationwide of treating pets as family members by spoiling them with luxury treats. One major player's revenue was about $10 million last year. They plan a total of 130 doggie bakeries by 2010.

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