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Friday, September 7, 2007

$50 Pizzas and Doggy Bakeries ...

Regarding the 50,900-Square-Foot Home (see Monday, September 3, 2007), Chris S. writes ... “This kind of extravagant collection of material wealth, items for status, i.e. expensive cars, large homes and other comforts that grow ever more decadent (doggy bakeries, $50 pizzas and the list goes on) are symptoms of a sickness which is permeating society…. This sickness is most likely handed down from those in our society which wield corporate power. Through advertising and media … This sickness is handed down by individuals in corporate power much like the heads of a dysfunctional family hand down their dysfunction to offspring... Ultimately the problem stems from a lack of spirituality, relationship with God and higher purpose.”

1 comment:

Gufbal1981 said...

This just shows what kind of a society we live in now, where people are willing to spend $50 on a "gourmet" pizza and money on "special baked goods" for their dogs, but yet, for the most part, are so unwilling to just spend TIME to reach out to those less fortunate. Time doesn't cost money. It's a shame. Where has today's society gone wrong?