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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Is Compassion Out of Style?

J.F. asks regarding "Soup Kitchen's Aren't My Style." (See Thursday, August 30, 2007) "My question to you [D.T.] is if you really have the interest of the homeless in mind, are you willing to do something positive and constructive about it or just sit behind your computer screen in judgment without all the facts?" [J.F. wraps up his comments with ...] "If you don't like what is written, spend some time downtown, come up with your own solutions and use your God given talent to write something better. True Christianity is about “we” not “me.” " 09.01.07 2:03p

Gufbal1981 responds to the same post ... "No one is telling you to go to a Soup Kitchen. Maybe you would benefit more from going to a place like Covenant House or Good Shepherd and volunteering at one of those places. You can see battered women, young ladies that have no where to go." 09.01.07 10:57p

And lastly, Anonymous asks a profound question regarding a growing concern in the digital age ... "Is compassion out of style? Read the mission statement again. Imagine!" 08.30.07 1:09p What do you think? "Is compassion out of style?" Does the new digital culture of terse text messages - brief cell calls - fired-off emails and IMs add to the problem? Are we too busy to care?

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LS said...

I have to admit that I wrote that comment about compassion being out of style. One of my quote on my myspace page is 'love would never have been invented in the 21st century'. I am amazed by how much things have changed since I was young. Admittedly I was raised in a protected and loving environment and as I get older I can't believe how complex and confused and lonely our world has become. But in the midst of this I still have hope, which is why I like this website.