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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do We have Amnesia in this Country?

Provoking some strong comments was yesterday's, I Worked Hard when I came to this Country! What's your Problem? (see Wednesday, September 26, 2007) Cecil B. writes, "I am so with you on this, I hear people get upset with homeless just by thinking them not trying hard for themselves but it's not that simple."

One blogger is disheartened by "good charitable" people who have surprisingly out-of-character reactions to to the homeless. L.S. said, "Thanks for bringing up a topic that I have found to be occurring more frequently. I have been disheartened of late by comments made by a few friends and relatives concerning homelessness and illegal immigration. Their comments range from 'they need to get a job' through blaming the immigrants for their kids not getting jobs. And these are really decent people who normally are the most charitable people... I just don't understand."

The post poignant is this comment regarding the homeless immigrant by R.S. "Where were these complainers when there were people who were willing and still are willing to work for less than minimum wage? Do we have amnesia in this country? Now we want to throw people away. By the way, have you checked the IRS website, etc.--undocumented immigrants make up about $60 billion (not million) of tax revenue. How about that, people who don't have to pay taxes since they are undocumented but, do?"

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