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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lamborghini's $1.4 Million Car

Lamborghini has just put a new price tag on exclusivity - 1.4 million dollars. The automaker recently unveiled its new super luxury car named the Reventon at Frankfurt's Fall 2007 Auto Show. Lamborghini promises owners matchless pride with its more than one million dollar price tag, sleek fighter-jet inspired looks and its initial 20 car limited edition. The edition sold out in four days. But who would buy a $1.4 million car while the majority of the world's residents live at or below the poverty line? Chief Executive Stephan Winkelmann told Reuters recently, "Most of the buyers were men from the United States, Lamborghini's biggest market. We have among our customers movie stars, sports stars... the majority of our clients are businessmen. Men. Lovers of luxury goods," said Winkelmann. By comparison, the more socially conscience wealthy have an alternative. They could invest in the coupe version of the Reventon, the LP640 which costs a relatively more modest 219,600 euros or $305,121.00.
Lamborghini plans to make another limited offering of the Reventon. Possibly the stars would consider the more modest alternative, the LP640 and then donate the remaining one million or so in savings to a homeless mission in America. Recommendations are the Union Rescue Mission or Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles and the St. Peter’s-Scalibrini Outreach in Chinatown.

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M.F. said...

That would be an ideal concept. However, it's a shame that people are so greedy that they would not even consider it. Lamborghini is such a status symbol for anyone that can afford it. It's show off thing really. Why show off what you have? It's shows how our culture has truly gone down the toliet. I wish everyone would just drive something that was less expensive and give to charity what they can afford...just like in the story where Jesus was in the temple and all the rich were giving multiple coins for a donation, and in stepped a poor woman and only gave one coin. Everyone else was furious, but Jesus knew that was all she could afford. We should all be so fortunate as the lady in that story.