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Monday, September 3, 2007

New 50,900-Square-Foot Home Is 20 Times Larger Than Average

Dave Collins, Associated Press Writer (AP Photo) reports September 1, 2007. "At nearly 50,900 square feet, the Chase home [Avon Mountain, Connecticut] will be slightly larger than billionaire Bill Gates' home... The average U.S. home measures about 2,500 square feet -- up from 1,995 square feet in 1988 -- according to the National Association of Home Builders. Only 17,000 square feet [of the Chase home] lies in plain view. It's the two-level, 33,500-square-foot basement complex, complete with a 103-seat movie theater, ticket booth, concession stand, game room and music annex." But why? Gopal Ahluwalia, the Home Builders Association's Vice President explains it this way. "It's the same thing as why people buy a $150,000 car when the same function can be performed by a $25,000 car," "I can afford it. I can have it." Susan A. Eisenhandler, a sociology professor at the University of Connecticut raises the question as to the morality of it all. She states, "Do you actually need to have that amount of space to live a good life?" "There are homeless people. There are impoverished people." What do you think? Is a $25,000 car performing the same functions more appropriate than a $150,000 luxury car? How important is purchasing designer merchandise to one's quality of life?

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Chris S. said...

This kind of extravagent collection of material wealth, items for status, ie.. expensive cars, large homes and other comforts that grow ever more decadent (doggy bakeries, $50 pizzas and the list goes on) are symptoms of a sickness which is permeating society. This sickness ,I believe, is much like addiction if not actually addiction itself manifesting in a drive for power and money by individuals which which THINK they will attain happiness in doing so. Only to find the happiness they may feel is short lived once the thing is attained or the position of power achieved

This sickness is most likely handed down from those in our society which wield corporate power. Through advertising and media to sell products, the idea that wealth, material goods or a beautiful physical appearance will make you happy is constantly bombarding the public and these ideas are adopted by many as the way to live. Hence the ever growing emphasis in our society for bigger, better, faster, prettier everything. This all happens as a result of the effort to increase corporate profits without much regard for the populus. This sickness is handed down by individuals in corporate power much like the heads of a dysfunctional family hand down their dysfunction to offspring.

Without going to any further detail (this is a subject of a much more in depth essay) ultimately the problem stems from a lack of spirituality, relationship with God and higher purpose. Individuals which attain great wealth and do not practice any philanthropy as a result are typical of this sickness/condition and quite often will cause great hardship for many people in trying to attain wealth and power (Enron, the current war in Iraq etc.. cigarette company business practices etc..) How beautiful the world could be if all people could find the true happiness which a relationship with God and living toward serving him and his people could bring.
Then perhaps more people gifted with the ability to do well financially would not take advantage or cheat the public in attaining wealth and would also seek to give more and make more opportunity for the less fortunate in our world. We would all live better with happy and purposeful spiritually rich lives as a result.