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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Community of Poverty Stricken and not-so-poverty Stricken Psycho-spiritual Blogger Babblers, Scribes, Mystics and Prophets trying to find the way Home

The Blogger stats department tells us a great story of many visitors dropping in here for a daily dose of online community and faith sharing. Some have emailed and said they are having difficulty with posting a thought and using the COMMENT feature at the end of each story. For you more experienced bloggers, your forgiveness please! Here is a short step-by-step guide as to why and how to blog at HIA.

After reading the daily post, take a short moment and reflect on your reaction to it. How did it make you feel - happy, sad, angry, energized, empathetic, sympathetic, frustrated?

  • Next, be firmly aware of your feelings and reaction. They will help you with "blogger therapy." Now you are ready to benefit psychologically and spiritually by writing a sentence or two in order to express interior strengths or struggles and to promote inner growth. It's sort of a catharsis (no sure what that means but it sounded good).

  • Bless yourself and pray a Glory be... (important step 'cause its not about you) Click on COMMENTS (bottom right of each daily story) and begin to type your thoughts in the big white box in the upper right corner. If you don't trust your spelling, first jot ideas down in MS Word. Use spellcheck and then copy/paste what you wrote into the big white box.

  • Lastly, the fastest way to send your thoughts into cyber space is to click inside the dot next to "Anonymous" underneath where it says, "Choose an identity." Ignore the section below that asks for USERNAME/PASSWORD. That is not for you. If you go by "Anonymous" do put your initials at the end of your story. This way others can communicate with you and run with a thread or idea.

  • Okay, you're almost done. Just go to "Word Verification" and type in the wavy letters you see in the small white box below. This step is good for everyone because it protects the blog from spam. The letters are cAsE sensitive. (Over time you will discover which-is-which more easily) Don't worry if you do not key in the word properly the first time. If it is incorrect it will generate a new word and you get to start over and feel really stupid. It is a great way to gain humility!

With all that said - please relax (possibly go fix yourself a nice cup of tea - but come back). Then, enjoy blogging with our little community of poverty stricken and not-so-poverty stricken psycho-spiritual blogger babblers, scribes, mystics and prophets trying to find the way home. Who knows, possibly you will be the one to find your dream House or point someone else to theirs. Welcome to Homeless In America!


Raby Savage said...

I love the humorous way the instructions are presented. Fun stuff too--the website that is.

Anonymous said...

I love the humorous way the instructions are presented. Fun stuff too--the website that is. R.S.