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Monday, November 12, 2007

A few Photos from what is now Dubbed, “We See You Saturday”

On Saturday morning, while delivering clothing, rosaries, prayer cards and 575 sack lunches made by St. Paul the Apostle “Sandwich Builders” (see Sunday, November 11, 2007) the thought occurred that taking time to deliver supplies to the forgotten homeless is about “seeing” people. In much the same way that Jesus takes the time to see the short guy Zacchaeus up in the tree (see Sunday, November 4, 2007) and blesses him, we do the same when we take time to encounter and “see” the normally unseen. As Christ’s followers, each time we take the time to see “short” people (those who are unseen because they are inadequate, despised and rejected), we bless them as Jesus blessed Zacchaeus. Jesus came to stay under his roof! He came into his house – his very soul and that was the blessing. This past Saturday morning, the delivery team brought Christ under the roofs – into the very souls of people who are misunderstood, despised, rejected and never seen. (Who does that sound like?) By showing up – team members said to these people, “I see you. Come down from that tree! Jesus wants to dwell in your house today – the home of your soul.” Who will you see today that is “short” and inadequate? Who can you bless so that the healing Christ can come to stay in their house? While contemplating those questions, view a few photos above from what is now dubbed, “We See You Saturday.”

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