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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Readers' Thoughts - From Summary to Action and then Reaction

Summarizing Built to Wander, (see Saturday, October 27, 2007) Anonymous said... "Rolheiser's thesis appears to function as the backdrop of Biblical History. The archetypal man and woman of Genesis, Adam and Eve, are driven from their original home - made homeless wanderers. Abraham the father of faith is a wandering Aramean, looking for the Promised Land. The Israelites, freed from Egyptian bondage, are nonetheless homeless wanderers for forty years, again looking forward to their final destination. Jesus and his disciples have "no place to rest [their] head[s]." St. Paul, the Apostle, wanders around the Mediterranean, announcing the both present and coming Kingdom."

In the blog, From City Dump to Saint, (see Saturday, November 3, 2007) one reader finds a call to action. R.S. said ... "It's comforting and scary to even contemplate such spirituality. It's comforting from the standpoint that even I, in my poverty, can get closer to Jesus Christ. It's scary in that--does this mean I'm accountable? It sure does."

Lastly, Gufbal1981's reaction to Homeless Child, (see Monday, November 5, 2007). "This is a deep poem. It's an unfortunate truth that this person sees exactly how the majority of society views him/her. It's a shame that society won't even try to imagine what it's like to be in that persons shoes! What it's like to not have food every single feel what it's like to have your body go into starvation just be outside on a cold night with no shelter or blanket, and relying on body heat for warmth. It's unimaginable for most that have all the comforts of life. If this person could only see the few that have mercy and compassion for those less fortunate, maybe he/she would be able to rise from the ashes and know that there will be help."
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